Wanting a Pet Rabbit

My eldest boy came to me this afternoon wanting to ask me for something which he says, he really wanted to have. This is usually the case when their mother doesn’t approve of whatever it was that they wanted, and they sort of thought it would be a good idea to come to me to plead their case.

Not that I have any chance about the matter as my wife’s decisions about things usually is the one that’s final and stuff, but the boys kind of also believed in my persuasive powers, which I don’t think I have really. But I appreciate the fact that they see me as some sort of savior, so yes, I’ll try to do something about it even though I know I’ll probably crash and burn, depending on what it really is that my boy is after.

So I asked my son what did he wanted in the first place and he told me that he wanted a pet rabbit. It seemed innocent enough to want a pet, as kids are always wont to do, especially kids his age. I don’t know, maybe it’s their fascination with keeping or caring for something that’s alive and which also interacts with them that makes owning a pet of their own seem to be standard procedure with them.

I too wanted my own pet duck back when I was young and I remember crying over it when I eventually didn’t get to have one. Now I’m faced with a similar situation but the roles kind of are reversed, with us being the authorities who grant wishes and our children the askers. Now I realize what our parents had to deal with in these kinds of situations where they really want to give everything to their children, but practicality and good sense would tell them otherwise.

Then my son asked me to go with him to the computer as he had the rabbit he wanted displayed on the screen. Apparently he spent the afternoon looking at pictures of the said rabbit and I smiled a little upon seeing what it was.

It was Lionhead bunnies he was referring to and based on what was displayed on the monitor, it certainly looked like a great pet to have. Just imagine a little bunny rabbit with a lion’s mane encircling its head and neck, that’s the Lionhead bunnies. See dad, you like them too, said my son, apparently seeing the big grin and expectant look on my face. To which I nodded in agreement as they are rather cute if I may say so myself.

I pointed him to the information that accompanied the pictures of the rabbit and they were labeled “bunny facts”. Probably they were about the things one might expect with that kind of rabbit breed amongst other things.

The article said that Lionhead rabbits live up to eight years and grow only up to four pounds. They have upright ears and protruding muzzles, but what makes them very special are the mane they carry around their heads which makes them look like miniature lions, hence their name.

I’ll try my best to talk your mother into it, I told my son. No guarantees or anything okay, I finished. To which he went up to me and gave me a big hug with an equally big kiss on the cheeks just for good measure. Well, how can I really say no to these kids?

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