There’s Fun and then There’s Pain

You know what? I think I managed to get my foot sprained this afternoon. I don’t know if it’s really a sprain or maybe it’s just sleeping or something like that, yep it’s probably sleeping on me right now. My son and I enjoyed a couple of hours sitting in front of the television playing video games and stuff, with me sitting on my feet most of the time. Maybe that was what caused my tingling feet, I hope.

But I am also feeling a thickness within my foot that is hard to explain. Sort of like throbbing numbness with a tingling sensation interspersed, that was really not present when my son and I started playing, which also got me thinking that if it really was numb, then how come I am feeling this sensation in it. Also, our impromptu video game session ended two hours ago, so why are my feet still this numb?

This afternoon got me doing things that I have not done for a long time, and you can say it was pretty tiring but at the same time so very enjoyable, as it even managed to bring back memories of my high school playing days. A couple of friends came by to visit bringing a ball with them. I should have known from their getup that they are going to invite me to play ball with them, the ball was also a dead giveaway. They said that it being playoffs time in the NBA, we should shoot some hoops at the local gym. Now that escalated from out of nowhere wouldn’t you say? My friends are always like that, so very random. So what can I say, it’s off to the gym we went.

It started out as random shoot outs and horsing around until it became a full pledged game of basketball, when we decided to play with the other people that are already there. We were feeling it alright, our age notwithstanding, and we even made it a competitive one to boot. We could have won the game if not for me stepping on the foot of one of my teammates, my right foot twisting unnaturally and I eventually fell with a resounding thud. The game didn’t get to be finished as I was having a hard time stopping my jackass friends from laughing at me and stuff.

It was not that painful at the time and I only brushed it off as some minor ache or something. I came home, played with my son a bit, a long bit, and after that my foot got numb and is beginning to hurt with a vengeance. Classic signs of a sprained foot wouldn’t you say? It also is getting a little bit fluffier looking at it, probably some kind of swelling and I think I must put ice over it pronto. I’ll just ask my wife to drive me to the doctor tomorrow for x-rays and also to have it checked. Hopefully I didn’t manage to break anything.

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