It Was All Worth It

I was working around the house this afternoon as there was nothing much better to do on such a lazy summer’s day. My wife was out with her friends and the children were soundly sleeping after a particularly tiring romp on a makeshift pool, on which I myself built. I pride myself with the various things I could do with my hands and that kiddie pool was no different.

It was just a spur of the moment thing building the pool as I saw the children, with their handheld devices in tow, sweltering under the heat of the sun even if they are just indoors, with air conditioning on full blast at that. I thought maybe they would enjoy some splashing around so I proceeded to think of building them a place where they could waddle around a bit and maybe pull them away from those needy gadgets.

I started with digging a hole of about four feet square and three feet deep. Repeatedly chugging that shovel was very tiring to say the least, which also kind of made me think of what have I gotten myself into this time, but the thought of my children happily playing in it somehow carried me through the pain of burning muscles.

After the hole was finished, I placed wooden boards on all sides and also the bottom of the pit for added stability so that it would also not cave in when I placed water in it. I also hammered it into a sort of box-like structure so it won’t deform, and that is also the time I managed to hammer my thumb. I screamed out so loud that it would probably make Tarzan shy.

The children were there with me, probably sensing that it was something for them that I am making, which also made me limit my scream to only one time as I really wouldn’t want to scare them or something. I just continued working with a now slightly bleeding thumb thinking that I would just take care of it later.

I finally secured thick plastic matting around the enclosure and proceeded to fill it with water. It took so long to fill the thing but seeing the smiles on my children’s faces made it all worthwhile.

They did enjoy playing in it. In fact they spent close to three hours on the thing, that the time they got out and took a bath, it was straight to bed they went. Them being tired was an understatement.

I, meanwhile, got to take care of my thumb which was a bit swollen now. Probably got it infected handling the dirt. I cleaned it thoroughly, put antiseptic on it, dressed it, and went on doing other things on my to-do list.

Now I have pain in right arm, the one with the busted thumb, and I think I’m beginning to get a fever or something. I also got particularly itchy armpits and when I scratched at it, I felt a little marble like lump inside. Yep, I think my lymph nodes are swollen. And yes, the thumb really seems to be infected.

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