Drink That Water

Do you remember what happened to me before when I had trouble peeing and stuff? I’m afraid it’s back again, but this time I think it’s much worse. So much worse that my doctor told me that if the medicine I was taking wouldn’t work then an operation would be the eventual course for me. I really wouldn’t want that to happen, not in a thousand years, no way!

I did follow his instructions before of drinking plenty of water every day and laying-off of sodas and other foods which might worsen my kidney stones problem but it seems the problem got much worse, or so I think it did. I never experienced peeing stones again like what I did the last time, but now the problem is with my back.

I’ve got persistent lower left back pain these past few days and it has been bothering me that I couldn’t do things I normally do every day. You can’t really concentrate with something that you are doing when there is pain somewhere in your body right? Add to that the nagging feeling that you have some kind of sickness inside that you do not yet know of, which eventually makes you some kind of a nervous wreck that is unable to function very well.

I did a little research on my back pain and what I saw really didn’t offer much hope. Lower back and middle back pain apparently are symptoms of several diseases like lower back strain, spinal stenosis, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, sciatica, and herniated discs among other things. But what got my attention was that back pain, particularly on the lower back, was also a symptom of kidney problems. It seems my kidney stones evolved to their next level and stuff.

My research was also somewhat validated by my doctor after performing several tests on me like the basic urinalysis, ultrasounds and some imaging thing on my abdomen amongst other tests, which names I could not already recall. He said that I have a kidney infection and that is what’s causing all the pain in my back basically.

I was to take full course antibiotics for my kidney infection hoping to cure it with only that, but if my symptoms continue to persist after that then I was to be put under stronger drugs, but this time it will be intravenously administered and I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for another set of tests. The doctor also said for me to be very careful not to be dehydrated, this being summer and all, as that would worsen my condition.

What he said made me think a little as I was always prone to getting mildly dehydrated and stuff. I never like to take a break when I’m working, not even when I’m thirsty or something, as I don’t want my concentration broken when I’m with something. Apparently I’ve got to change that.

So basically that’s it, I’m kind of a little bit screwed right now. But I’m not one to over worry about things as I know that everything would turn out okay, if I just follow the doctor’s orders that is and I’m planning on doing just that. Don’t worry about anything, everything is under control.

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