Down With the Flu

I spent almost the entire week on my bed suffering from the flu. It was somewhat expected and I think the heat finally got to me as I always try to do things under the sun. I love constantly being under sunlight and also the warmth that comes along with it but it seems to have helped towards my undoing this time.

I was working on my dirt bike the entire day Monday trying to replace the muffler to something much nicer. It was my aim to change the exhaust sound to something much more deeper, something like what a Harley motorcycle would sound like, and I succeeded somewhat.

I did the whole thing outdoors as the garage was somewhat a mess that time, and between my working under the sun and constantly going in and out of an air conditioned house to get something, water mostly as it was particularly a hot Monday, I was feeling really kind of strange later that day.

I was burning up inside after dinner and after I threw the trash out, I felt that I’m already going to pass out or something so I proceeded to crash on the bed immediately. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get up until late Thursday and that’s how sick I was.

I have the flu and my body ached all over, heck my wife even said that I experienced hallucinations when my fever got high enough and that I was talking some non-sense about some big balls chasing me and stuff.

The coughing started Tuesday and it was very intense that my head hurts when I cough. My chest also felt kind of full, or somewhat compressed. I thought that it was due to a phlegm buildup and I was right as my cough got productive two days after it started.

My wife said that I got myself some bronchitis on top of the flu and I think she’s right. My throat felt very sore as well as all my nasal passages. I think I can also feel my lungs are sore or something because they hurt a lot every time I cough and believe me I coughed a lot those times. You really wouldn’t want to be in my situation if you saw me in bed that time as you would think I’m suffering from the plague or something.

But it was not all bad that happened when I was sick as my wife took the best care that one could ever ask for. She also knew about several bronchitis remedies and I was very lucky for it. She made me drink ginger juice infused with honey several times a day and I was very amazed that it did not tasted the way I imagined it to be.

The most delicious tasting chicken soup, constant foot and back massage, choice spots on the bed and the sofa, total control of the TV remote, name it I had it. I think I’m beginning to like getting sick after all.

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