Dogs and Allergies

Never really thought that dogs can get allergies but I’m afraid I’m terribly mistaken. I thought that they can eat anything they want or whatever they get their paws into, heck they sometimes even eat bees as what I have seen on the net, although usually with dire consequences but they’re really none the worse for it. So hearing them being sensitive to something really opened my eyes somewhat.

With their inherent nature of always licking things, love of damp things and places, and the tendency to rummage all the time, be it a trashcan, soil in the yard, or even chase wildlife, it makes me wonder if they ever get yeast allergy, mold allergy, or something more potent. Maybe they do get allergies all the time but that something in their bodies makes them resistant or even heal very well from them the times they acquire allergies.

I never saw a dog with allergies in my life, at least not yet. I searched for it on the net and got quite surprised about the literature behind it. Dogs, like any warm blooded organism such as us, do in fact get allergies too. Maybe my world is just too little and closed in to permit me from seeing the diversity of all life in this world, a dog with allergies in particular.

Based on what I have read, the two most common allergies for dogs are with fleas and with food. Dogs can be allergic to beef, soy, eggs, or whatever their genetic predisposition is towards certain foods. With fleas, well good luck with that as fleas are very common in dogs and I really would hate to be that dog that’s allergic to fleas.

Dogs do have the same reactions to allergens like what’s typical for us humans. Their skin gets itchy, they cough, they get watery or red eyes, their ears and paws get swollen, and they even break into hives on some occasion. There is even specialized allergy medicine for dogs as they cannot really tolerate the human ones primarily because of the dosage and that they have different body composition when compared to us. They bark and we don’t, simple as that.

Dogs really don’t know they already have allergy or do they? Chances are high the former being correct as dogs cannot think way ahead of the now. I think when they have allergies and they exhibit symptoms of it, they typically just go about whatever it is they are doing not really minding them. And if the symptoms get rather aggravating to them, I think they just quiet out a while till it passes, probably just whimper away in a corner or something.

I don’t really know as I have said that I don’t have any recollection of them being allergic ever. Maybe I should just trust the experts on this one. Well, on to other things I suppose, I’ll just make sure to tell you about it if ever I came across a dog with allergies.

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