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There’s Fun and then There’s Pain

You know what? I think I managed to get my foot sprained this afternoon. I don’t know if it’s really a sprain or maybe it’s just sleeping or something like that, yep it’s probably sleeping on me right now. My son and I enjoyed a couple of hours sitting in front of the television playing video games and stuff, with me sitting on my feet most of the time. Maybe that was what caused my tingling feet, I hope.

But I am also feeling a thickness within my foot that is hard to explain. Sort of like throbbing numbness with a tingling sensation interspersed, that was really not present when my son and I started playing, which also got me thinking that if it really was numb, then how come I am feeling this sensation in it. Also, our impromptu video game session ended two hours ago, so why are my feet still this numb?

This afternoon got me doing things that I have not done for a long time, and you can say it was pretty tiring but at the same time so very enjoyable, as it even managed to bring back memories of my high school playing days. A couple of friends came by to visit bringing a ball with them. I should have known from their getup that they are going to invite me to play ball with them, the ball was also a dead giveaway. They said that it being playoffs time in the NBA, we should shoot some hoops at the local gym. Now that escalated from out of nowhere wouldn’t you say? My friends are always like that, so very random. So what can I say, it’s off to the gym we went.

It started out as random shoot outs and horsing around until it became a full pledged game of basketball, when we decided to play with the other people that are already there. We were feeling it alright, our age notwithstanding, and we even made it a competitive one to boot. We could have won the game if not for me stepping on the foot of one of my teammates, my right foot twisting unnaturally and I eventually fell with a resounding thud. The game didn’t get to be finished as I was having a hard time stopping my jackass friends from laughing at me and stuff.

It was not that painful at the time and I only brushed it off as some minor ache or something. I came home, played with my son a bit, a long bit, and after that my foot got numb and is beginning to hurt with a vengeance. Classic signs of a sprained foot wouldn’t you say? It also is getting a little bit fluffier looking at it, probably some kind of swelling and I think I must put ice over it pronto. I’ll just ask my wife to drive me to the doctor tomorrow for x-rays and also to have it checked. Hopefully I didn’t manage to break anything.

Feline Friend Missing in Action

Every night for about two weeks last month I bring out a paper plate filled with scraps of food outside and I place it near a tree that is near my bedroom window. And almost every time I do it, a cat emerges from the darkness and walks toward the plate carefully, looking every which way, probably checking if there was anybody around or something. She first smells the thing in front of her and upon realizing it was food, she began to eat.

After finishing almost all the food, leaving only the random vegetable or unfamiliar fruit, she begins to lick herself, first her paws then her back. A passing car signals her that it’s time to go and hurriedly she scampers away, back to the darkness from which she came, never to be seen again, that is, until the next time she eats under the tree. That’s the time I go back out, to throw away the almost empty paper plate into the garbage bin and go back inside to resume whatever it was that I am doing.

It first started when I saw him through our kitchen window, loitering around our yard one night, sniffing everything as if looking for something, probably food I though, so I just let him do his thing and continued doing the dishes. When it happened again and again on successive nights I began to worry for the cat so I decided to feed it. But the times I tried to call him he always runs away, so I thought of just leaving the food somewhere outside. He can smell it, I mused, so there’s really no problem with him finding it, and he did eventually, and that was the start of our somewhat weird friendship, I bring out food and he comes.

The problem is I don’t see him around anymore. It’s been about a week since he last ate under the tree and it got me a little bit worried and stuff. Maybe he managed to get hit by a car or got beaten by a dog or something. The stray that he is, probably his health is not that good anymore and it somehow eventually caught up with him. Roundworms in cats are very common that even housecats are not immune to them, what more if you are a stray. If he has roundworms, then it’s not very long for him I’m afraid, as an infestation of them, when not properly treated, almost always leads to death.

Another thing he has to worry about, not that he does or something is pancreatitis in cats. This kind of sickness in cats is their most common one that most of the natural premature feline deaths have it for their cause. It is often hard to treat because it’s very difficult to diagnose if a cat has it, most usually it is only during autopsy that it is detected.

But I have to stop thinking about these things and just stay positive for him. Maybe he’s just found another friend who feed him better kinds of food or something. I’ll just continue doing our routine, maybe for a few days more and just hope for the best.

It Was All Worth It

I was working around the house this afternoon as there was nothing much better to do on such a lazy summer’s day. My wife was out with her friends and the children were soundly sleeping after a particularly tiring romp on a makeshift pool, on which I myself built. I pride myself with the various things I could do with my hands and that kiddie pool was no different.

It was just a spur of the moment thing building the pool as I saw the children, with their handheld devices in tow, sweltering under the heat of the sun even if they are just indoors, with air conditioning on full blast at that. I thought maybe they would enjoy some splashing around so I proceeded to think of building them a place where they could waddle around a bit and maybe pull them away from those needy gadgets.

I started with digging a hole of about four feet square and three feet deep. Repeatedly chugging that shovel was very tiring to say the least, which also kind of made me think of what have I gotten myself into this time, but the thought of my children happily playing in it somehow carried me through the pain of burning muscles.

After the hole was finished, I placed wooden boards on all sides and also the bottom of the pit for added stability so that it would also not cave in when I placed water in it. I also hammered it into a sort of box-like structure so it won’t deform, and that is also the time I managed to hammer my thumb. I screamed out so loud that it would probably make Tarzan shy.

The children were there with me, probably sensing that it was something for them that I am making, which also made me limit my scream to only one time as I really wouldn’t want to scare them or something. I just continued working with a now slightly bleeding thumb thinking that I would just take care of it later.

I finally secured thick plastic matting around the enclosure and proceeded to fill it with water. It took so long to fill the thing but seeing the smiles on my children’s faces made it all worthwhile.

They did enjoy playing in it. In fact they spent close to three hours on the thing, that the time they got out and took a bath, it was straight to bed they went. Them being tired was an understatement.

I, meanwhile, got to take care of my thumb which was a bit swollen now. Probably got it infected handling the dirt. I cleaned it thoroughly, put antiseptic on it, dressed it, and went on doing other things on my to-do list.

Now I have pain in right arm, the one with the busted thumb, and I think I’m beginning to get a fever or something. I also got particularly itchy armpits and when I scratched at it, I felt a little marble like lump inside. Yep, I think my lymph nodes are swollen. And yes, the thumb really seems to be infected.

Taxing Exercise Routine

My wife recently complained of pain in her shoulders after a particularly intense day of exercising with her buddies at the local gym. They were trying out a brand new exercise program that they found out about in the internet and they enthusiastically jumped right into it never expecting it would be hard or anything. Unfortunately they were mistaken.

It was some kind of circuit training wherein they have to do several exercises one after the other with minimal resting time in between. I’m not much into exercise myself but just hearing her describe what they went through made me wince. It was very hard what they did and I thought she was lucky only her shoulders were aching.

I asked her if there was pain between shoulder blades or a particular pain in left shoulder to which she answered both in the negative. I was somewhat relieved to find out that her pain was in the muscles of her deltoids, particularly on the area between her shoulders and her neck. I was kind of sure of the place as she screamed when I poked her there.

They were doing military presses, lateral raises, and reverse flies all in one sitting, and with three sets of descending reps each to boot yay. I asked if they were planning on joining the marines or something as the way they did those exercises can be called torture in some places. She just waved me off.

Pains in the shoulders are no random things as they occur due to something going wrong. They do not just pop up and give you pain as others would like to believe instead they are a symptoms of something. My wife’s pains on her shoulders are because of extreme exercise, which is kind of a good thing if compared to other causes of shoulder pain.

Other causes of shoulder pain we should be aware of and must take into consideration are disc diseases, shingles, arthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, heart conditions, and lung cancers to name a few. That escalated quite a bit didn’t it. I bet you got a little scared hearing those things and probably you would not take for granted your shoulders hurting anymore.

Well, it could probably be just muscle strain as that is the most common cause of shoulder pain. But if the pain does not go away with some days rest and probably some pain relievers, then it’s time you go see your doctor for some much needed guidance and to somehow calm your already worried mind.

Anyhow, my wife told me she would never repeat what she did today. I’m taking it with a grain of salt as she is very prone to new exercise fads and if it is not this one, then others may come and she will repeat the whole torture process all over again, maybe next time her knees would hurt instead of her shoulders. I better go up to her with some ice packs as she really needs them right now, a well-timed back rub wouldn’t hurt either.

Wanting a Pet Rabbit

My eldest boy came to me this afternoon wanting to ask me for something which he says, he really wanted to have. This is usually the case when their mother doesn’t approve of whatever it was that they wanted, and they sort of thought it would be a good idea to come to me to plead their case.

Not that I have any chance about the matter as my wife’s decisions about things usually is the one that’s final and stuff, but the boys kind of also believed in my persuasive powers, which I don’t think I have really. But I appreciate the fact that they see me as some sort of savior, so yes, I’ll try to do something about it even though I know I’ll probably crash and burn, depending on what it really is that my boy is after.

So I asked my son what did he wanted in the first place and he told me that he wanted a pet rabbit. It seemed innocent enough to want a pet, as kids are always wont to do, especially kids his age. I don’t know, maybe it’s their fascination with keeping or caring for something that’s alive and which also interacts with them that makes owning a pet of their own seem to be standard procedure with them.

I too wanted my own pet duck back when I was young and I remember crying over it when I eventually didn’t get to have one. Now I’m faced with a similar situation but the roles kind of are reversed, with us being the authorities who grant wishes and our children the askers. Now I realize what our parents had to deal with in these kinds of situations where they really want to give everything to their children, but practicality and good sense would tell them otherwise.

Then my son asked me to go with him to the computer as he had the rabbit he wanted displayed on the screen. Apparently he spent the afternoon looking at pictures of the said rabbit and I smiled a little upon seeing what it was.

It was Lionhead bunnies he was referring to and based on what was displayed on the monitor, it certainly looked like a great pet to have. Just imagine a little bunny rabbit with a lion’s mane encircling its head and neck, that’s the Lionhead bunnies. See dad, you like them too, said my son, apparently seeing the big grin and expectant look on my face. To which I nodded in agreement as they are rather cute if I may say so myself.

I pointed him to the information that accompanied the pictures of the rabbit and they were labeled “bunny facts”. Probably they were about the things one might expect with that kind of rabbit breed amongst other things.

The article said that Lionhead rabbits live up to eight years and grow only up to four pounds. They have upright ears and protruding muzzles, but what makes them very special are the mane they carry around their heads which makes them look like miniature lions, hence their name.

I’ll try my best to talk your mother into it, I told my son. No guarantees or anything okay, I finished. To which he went up to me and gave me a big hug with an equally big kiss on the cheeks just for good measure. Well, how can I really say no to these kids?

Down With the Flu

I spent almost the entire week on my bed suffering from the flu. It was somewhat expected and I think the heat finally got to me as I always try to do things under the sun. I love constantly being under sunlight and also the warmth that comes along with it but it seems to have helped towards my undoing this time.

I was working on my dirt bike the entire day Monday trying to replace the muffler to something much nicer. It was my aim to change the exhaust sound to something much more deeper, something like what a Harley motorcycle would sound like, and I succeeded somewhat.

I did the whole thing outdoors as the garage was somewhat a mess that time, and between my working under the sun and constantly going in and out of an air conditioned house to get something, water mostly as it was particularly a hot Monday, I was feeling really kind of strange later that day.

I was burning up inside after dinner and after I threw the trash out, I felt that I’m already going to pass out or something so I proceeded to crash on the bed immediately. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get up until late Thursday and that’s how sick I was.

I have the flu and my body ached all over, heck my wife even said that I experienced hallucinations when my fever got high enough and that I was talking some non-sense about some big balls chasing me and stuff.

The coughing started Tuesday and it was very intense that my head hurts when I cough. My chest also felt kind of full, or somewhat compressed. I thought that it was due to a phlegm buildup and I was right as my cough got productive two days after it started.

My wife said that I got myself some bronchitis on top of the flu and I think she’s right. My throat felt very sore as well as all my nasal passages. I think I can also feel my lungs are sore or something because they hurt a lot every time I cough and believe me I coughed a lot those times. You really wouldn’t want to be in my situation if you saw me in bed that time as you would think I’m suffering from the plague or something.

But it was not all bad that happened when I was sick as my wife took the best care that one could ever ask for. She also knew about several bronchitis remedies and I was very lucky for it. She made me drink ginger juice infused with honey several times a day and I was very amazed that it did not tasted the way I imagined it to be.

The most delicious tasting chicken soup, constant foot and back massage, choice spots on the bed and the sofa, total control of the TV remote, name it I had it. I think I’m beginning to like getting sick after all.

All Water, All the Time, From Now On

The doctor told me that I should drink plenty of water from now on and lay off drinking sodas for a while as kidney stones really are in my future if things don’t change. He also told me to try some of the home remedies for kidney stones like drinking apple cider vinegar, dandelion root extracts, kidney beans ( whoa! kidneys for kidneys), and even baking soda amongst other things, to at least prevent the growing of the kidney stones that I already have.

You see I went to the doctor this afternoon because of the pain I experienced when I woke up this morning and tried to relieve myself. I was half awake when I trudged hastily towards the bathroom because I felt a great urge to pee, it was sort of like when you go out drinking and you need to pee and stuff like that kind of urge. So I hurriedly undid my pajamas and proceeded to aim at the center of the receptacle.

A few agonizing moments passed and still no pee came out, which also got me worried and stuff as I knew that I really had to relieve myself, but there’s still no urine coming out. Another minute passed and I felt like exploding from the anticipation of waiting to pee, and then some urine trickled out, only drops of it.

I then decided to help it out a little and applied some pressure to what I was doing. I tried to push the urine out in other words. Let’s just say it was a rather bad move on my part.

The drops suddenly increased in amount and when I thought everything was doing great, I felt it. I felt something coming out of my genital with my urine and it was taking its sweet time coming out. I again tried to push it along but I didn’t feel it move. It was stuck in there and everything I did caused excruciating pain that I unknowingly screamed out loud enough to wake up my wife, who hurriedly went to the bathroom to see what was going on.

She found me with both my arms holding the bathroom walls and sweating very hard. I didn’t understand what she was saying to me and didn’t know if I answered her or something, all I know is that the pain was very intense that I’m really short of crying at that moment. What do kidney stones feel like, the experts at put it in words better than I can.  Well it’s really close to like peeing razor blades, if it is at all possible and stuff.

A few moments passed and I tried to push again, same result, another push, only pain. I was about to try a fourth time when my wife came back with a large glass of water which she instructed me to drink. I did. She told me to wait a while for the water to find its way into my bladder and then try to pee again. I meekly did what I was told as I was in no shape to do anything at all. I waited three minutes and then I tried again.

I didn’t know what came out but that “plink” sound on the receptacle was really music to my ears. I can’t explain what I felt but I was so relieved that I hugged my wife for a long time. I really do not want to ever experience that pain again if I could.

Drink That Water

Do you remember what happened to me before when I had trouble peeing and stuff? I’m afraid it’s back again, but this time I think it’s much worse. So much worse that my doctor told me that if the medicine I was taking wouldn’t work then an operation would be the eventual course for me. I really wouldn’t want that to happen, not in a thousand years, no way!

I did follow his instructions before of drinking plenty of water every day and laying-off of sodas and other foods which might worsen my kidney stones problem but it seems the problem got much worse, or so I think it did. I never experienced peeing stones again like what I did the last time, but now the problem is with my back.

I’ve got persistent lower left back pain these past few days and it has been bothering me that I couldn’t do things I normally do every day. You can’t really concentrate with something that you are doing when there is pain somewhere in your body right? Add to that the nagging feeling that you have some kind of sickness inside that you do not yet know of, which eventually makes you some kind of a nervous wreck that is unable to function very well.

I did a little research on my back pain and what I saw really didn’t offer much hope. Lower back and middle back pain apparently are symptoms of several diseases like lower back strain, spinal stenosis, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, sciatica, and herniated discs among other things. But what got my attention was that back pain, particularly on the lower back, was also a symptom of kidney problems. It seems my kidney stones evolved to their next level and stuff.

My research was also somewhat validated by my doctor after performing several tests on me like the basic urinalysis, ultrasounds and some imaging thing on my abdomen amongst other tests, which names I could not already recall. He said that I have a kidney infection and that is what’s causing all the pain in my back basically.

I was to take full course antibiotics for my kidney infection hoping to cure it with only that, but if my symptoms continue to persist after that then I was to be put under stronger drugs, but this time it will be intravenously administered and I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for another set of tests. The doctor also said for me to be very careful not to be dehydrated, this being summer and all, as that would worsen my condition.

What he said made me think a little as I was always prone to getting mildly dehydrated and stuff. I never like to take a break when I’m working, not even when I’m thirsty or something, as I don’t want my concentration broken when I’m with something. Apparently I’ve got to change that.

So basically that’s it, I’m kind of a little bit screwed right now. But I’m not one to over worry about things as I know that everything would turn out okay, if I just follow the doctor’s orders that is and I’m planning on doing just that. Don’t worry about anything, everything is under control.

Dogs and Allergies

Never really thought that dogs can get allergies but I’m afraid I’m terribly mistaken. I thought that they can eat anything they want or whatever they get their paws into, heck they sometimes even eat bees as what I have seen on the net, although usually with dire consequences but they’re really none the worse for it. So hearing them being sensitive to something really opened my eyes somewhat.

With their inherent nature of always licking things, love of damp things and places, and the tendency to rummage all the time, be it a trashcan, soil in the yard, or even chase wildlife, it makes me wonder if they ever get yeast allergy, mold allergy, or something more potent. Maybe they do get allergies all the time but that something in their bodies makes them resistant or even heal very well from them the times they acquire allergies.

I never saw a dog with allergies in my life, at least not yet. I searched for it on the net and got quite surprised about the literature behind it. Dogs, like any warm blooded organism such as us, do in fact get allergies too. Maybe my world is just too little and closed in to permit me from seeing the diversity of all life in this world, a dog with allergies in particular.

Based on what I have read, the two most common allergies for dogs are with fleas and with food. Dogs can be allergic to beef, soy, eggs, or whatever their genetic predisposition is towards certain foods. With fleas, well good luck with that as fleas are very common in dogs and I really would hate to be that dog that’s allergic to fleas.

Dogs do have the same reactions to allergens like what’s typical for us humans. Their skin gets itchy, they cough, they get watery or red eyes, their ears and paws get swollen, and they even break into hives on some occasion. There is even specialized allergy medicine for dogs as they cannot really tolerate the human ones primarily because of the dosage and that they have different body composition when compared to us. They bark and we don’t, simple as that.

Dogs really don’t know they already have allergy or do they? Chances are high the former being correct as dogs cannot think way ahead of the now. I think when they have allergies and they exhibit symptoms of it, they typically just go about whatever it is they are doing not really minding them. And if the symptoms get rather aggravating to them, I think they just quiet out a while till it passes, probably just whimper away in a corner or something.

I don’t really know as I have said that I don’t have any recollection of them being allergic ever. Maybe I should just trust the experts on this one. Well, on to other things I suppose, I’ll just make sure to tell you about it if ever I came across a dog with allergies.

Never a Bad Hair Day

We men really don’t think of our hair as something really important. I don’t know about you, but after I comb my hair after a nice bath, its tomorrow again after another bath when my comb and I will meet. Well I really don’t see any point obsessing over it, not unless you are already getting bald or something, then I might think it deserves some looking into.

For me, every day is a good hair day and bad hair days really never exist, windy days are a bonus for my hair as they get somewhat properly ventilated and stuff. Maybe it’s because I got short cropped hair. Yep, maybe that’s the reason why I’m so nonchalant with my hair. You would be too if you were in my situation.

Maybe another reason for it is that I don’t really care about appearances anymore. When I got married and got the girl of my dreams, looking good took a back seat in favor of practical things. Things like caring and helping replaced grooming and vanity among other things. I really thought there are many better things to do than looking good.

It doesn’t get any better now that I got kids as I tend to put all of myself for them and them alone. The word “me” is close to getting obliterated and I’m happy about it. My time is over and it’s their time now, so in everything I do, I do for them, doesn’t really matter if hair be gone or something.

So my recent inconvenience with scabs on scalp are just that, minor inconveniences, as it even took my wife to notice them for me to know of their existence. I just thought my head was particularly itchier these couple of days which I eventually just attributed to the windiness of the weather in our place. So that’s what was probably causing the itchiness in the first place.

My wife, ever the loving person that she is and upon seeing my situation, recommended several dry scalp remedies to somewhat help me with my predicament. She suggested on putting tea tree oil on my scalp to help with its dryness, and if that didn’t work, she said that we’ll try lemon and honey next.

I kind of laugh at the ideas that she said but she seemed adamant on making my head a salad bowl of some sort. It didn’t stop there as she also enumerated several more things lined up if ever the first ones didn’t work out. Things like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda, olive oil, aloe Vera, sesame oil, and a host of other different things I have already forgotten about.

I know I will try those things that she has said as I value her suggestions really well. She kind of knows about these things and had done well in the past with them. But above all, I will try them because I love her and I don’t want to disappoint her in any way.

Too Much Sun is Not Fun

Being on the track for long durations of time really does have their consequences. I found out about that yesterday after a particularly long, albeit very fun, riding session with some of the kids in neighborhood at the local dirt track. I was supposed to teach them the ins and outs of dirt track racing but seeing that they already know their basics with regards to driving a bike, we instead opted for some hands on training with it.

The kids had a blast riding the training bikes that I had prepared. Although there were only two of the machines available, they happily made do with them and took turns riding the available motorcycles. Of course I had to be always on the grounds to assist them as they are not yet thoroughly acquainted with these beautiful machinery.

I had to call for a break two hours into their fun as I was feeling a little bit hot. I was literally burning as I only had a shirt on because I had to remove my overalls due to the heat. I kind of felt a little bit dizzy and my sight was dimming so I really had to call for that break else I would collapse in front of them.

I tried to wipe away the sweat from my body but when I came to my shoulders I was somewhat stopped on my tracks. I felt pain when there was supposed to be none and it felt as if the towel I was using was made up of sandpaper or something similarly grating. It appears that in such a short time, I managed to get myself sunburned.

It kind of looked like second degree sunburn, like the one describe by experts at, but it really felt like several degrees more potent. It looked red then but I know it will chafe once it gets settled. I also know that I’m going to have trouble wearing clothes for a couple of days after this and that it would probably be an itchy affair. I probably will be hearing from my wife about this and that again.

But it’s okay I guess, it’s just a minor setback compared to what the kids got from riding the bikes. You could say that the experience they had acquired could be very helpful to them sometime in the near future and I only hope that I got through to them in a good way.

It’s also not the first time I got sunburned and a couple of times I had much worse sunburn than what I had now. Vinegar for sunburn will take care of it pretty well as it is my go to cure when this kind of thing happens. It’s kind of funny really as we all know that vinegar is an acid, but when you apply it to sunburn, it cools the skin instead of burning it further like many acids are wont to do. Vinegar also heals the sunburn much more quickly than other remedies and it is very convenient and easy to use.

The kids did get back to riding and I just stayed under the shade lest I worsen my condition further. It was also very fortunate that the day was already waning and the sun has lost some of its bite. We stayed there for another three hours and the kids had the time of their lives.

Pimple Resurgence

Oh my, what do we have here? I think I’m too old for these things but here they are, making themselves felt. I thought I was already through with these things. Did they forget something and decided to come back and pester me once again? It does not help any, what with my nearing speaking engagement at the local school about, of all things, coping with typical teenage problems through sports. What perfect timing!

The other day was particularly hectic as I was doing things various things around the house. I managed to finally fix the leaking faucet in the yard, which would definitely make my wife very happy when she sees it. I also fixed the severely corroded downspout on the roof which is already full of holes. Mow the lawn, replaced busted light fixtures, and bathed the dog, I was drenched in sweat and thoroughly exhausted that I fell asleep immediately after laying my back on the lawn chair. Taken a bath after profusely sweating was what I should’ve done.

Upon waking up yesterday, I kind of felt something painful when I combed my hair after a bath. Upon closer inspection, the thing that was causing the pain was a red bump, sort of a pimple, maybe even scalp acne to be exact, and I didn’t knew what to do with it. Consulting with my wife about it just elicited a laugh and several lines of teasing that I walked away mumbling to myself. So that’s what I get for all the things I’ve done the other day. I totally forgot about the pimple that time, but unfortunately I was going to be in for a bigger surprise later that day.

Coming home after a day at the shop, my wife apologetically hugged me and told me she was sorry about what had happened that morning. But as I was about to speak, she laughed that silly laugh of her while pointing at something in my face. It was another pimple, this time on my face. So that’s why I was feeling something painful on my face all day, thought it was an insect bite or something.

It was a reddish bump on the left cheek close to the nose. It aches a lot when you touch it, more so when you laugh or do something with your face that seems to stretch at it. Nodular acne is a common term for it and is sort of like your typical garden variety pimple but a totally much angrier one at that. I haven’t had pimples for a long time so what gives? Maybe it’s all that dirt and grime from the other day’s work, coupled with drenching sweat. That combination surely makes a case for clogged pores.

Good thing it wasn’t on my nose or I’ll be Rudolph lol. Better get some toothpaste on it soon to dry it up and hopefully it will be gone. I’ll just steel myself from my wife as she’ll never stop talking about it, she’ll get her comeuppance soon enough.

My Kind of Relaxation

I enjoy watching television. In fact it’s kind of my way of relaxing after a very tiresome day. I go home, eat supper, do some chores that are in need of doing and then off to the tube I go. Watching different kinds of people doing different kinds of things, movies, reality shows, news, weather, cooking shows, I enjoy watching them all as it makes me somewhat tranquil inside. I almost always fall asleep midway through my watching and my wife have to wake me up to go to bed, this time properly.

Of course it’s not just those things I do when I come home. There’s keeping tab of everyone in the house, from my lovely wife to my ever crazy sons who never seems to empty their proverbial bag of tricks. It’s not that I’m complaining or something, in fact I love them just the way they are, even if they do make life very interesting from time to time. I also check on the house if something is amiss or is in need of repairing, and also visit the pets to bond with them some and check on their well-being. But after everything else is finished, I always make sure to visit my friend Sony for some relaxing time.

I like the shows about nature and animals as they introduce me to many things I still don’t know about and probably never will if not for them. How really beautiful the earth is and how diverse it’s population, that it would take more than a hundred years of watching television just to get to know some of them. I particularly like shows about the oceans and the seas and how it makes for about three-fourths of the Earth, yet we really don’t know much about them. The ecology inside these bodies of water and how they came to be, the history and future of it, and the myriads of creatures contained inside it never ceases to amaze me.

There is this one show called River Monsters that I always watch which is about weird kinds of fishes that still live to this day. From the rare Goblin sharks, crocodiles that are more than twenty feet long to the catfishes that are as large, if not larger than a full grown man, which they managed to catch by using their own arms as some sort of catfish bait, which also got me looking at our aquarium and several tiny Cory catfishes darting around its bottom. I caught a laugh when I imagine them growing to that size and swallowing me whole. That would be the day, I thought to myself.

It’s also been a long time since I’ve gone fishing. Maybe one day I’ll get to do again, what I now only watch on television. Maybe I’ll bring my sons with me and teach them a thing or two about fishing and hopefully they’ll learn something from it. Who knows, maybe they’ll get a liking to it and we’ll make it a regular thing. Now that would be the day.

Getting Even with Bunions

I knew it, Karma really comes fast and at a time you least expect it. My wife probably knows about it too as she was the unfortunate soul who is the beneficiary of this cosmic phenomena hehe. You see she was thoughtfully riding my back with regards to my painfully large pimple on my face and she kept at it, that is, up until today when the strangest thing happened to her.

Coming home from the grocery, she complained about the fact that her feet were killing her. She said that she ought to buy new shoes already as her current one is getting kind of a bit tight. When she removed them, what greeted her was a mad swelling on the side of her foot just below where her pinky toe was located. It was already painful just by looking at it, no wonder she was close to tears when I came close to her and hold it.

She said that it was some sort of a bunion but I believe bunions grow on the other side of the feet right, the side where the big toe is, so it probably isn’t one, I told her. Of course I was kidding as I was secretly planning of scaring her a little bit, to somehow get back at her for making fun of me and my pimple. But if it looks like a bunion and hurts like a bunion, then it probably is one. But I’m not telling her that just yet.

What she really had was a tailors bunion, a kind of bunion that grows on the opposite side of the foot where it usually is expected to occur. It develops like a common bunion wherein the bones of the edge toe moves closer to the toe next to it, usually because of inherent weakness of the bones of the feet or maybe also because of hereditary factors. What causes bunions to worsen is the wearing of improper footwear, as was the case with my wife.

Typical bunion relief involves placing ice on the area and the taking of pain relievers. Both of which I am now planning to do to somehow relieve her suffering as I can’t really bear to see her like this. Love trumps getting even unfortunately. Long term relief for bunions on the other hand requires several things, primary of which is to control the further inward motion of the offending bone, as well as getting rid of things that worsens it.

Bunion patches placed on the swelling also helps with pain relief but it is the changing of the footwear that is the most important first step in dealing with bunions. I got to discuss these things with my wife while her problems are not yet that major and still reversible. I really will get on her good side because of this. Who knows, maybe she’ll eventually stop her teasing ways with me. But even if she doesn’t I’ll still will do it. Want to know why?