All Water, All the Time, From Now On

The doctor told me that I should drink plenty of water from now on and lay off drinking sodas for a while as kidney stones really are in my future if things don’t change. He also told me to try some of the home remedies for kidney stones like drinking apple cider vinegar, dandelion root extracts, kidney beans ( whoa! kidneys for kidneys), and even baking soda amongst other things, to at least prevent the growing of the kidney stones that I already have.

You see I went to the doctor this afternoon because of the pain I experienced when I woke up this morning and tried to relieve myself. I was half awake when I trudged hastily towards the bathroom because I felt a great urge to pee, it was sort of like when you go out drinking and you need to pee and stuff like that kind of urge. So I hurriedly undid my pajamas and proceeded to aim at the center of the receptacle.

A few agonizing moments passed and still no pee came out, which also got me worried and stuff as I knew that I really had to relieve myself, but there’s still no urine coming out. Another minute passed and I felt like exploding from the anticipation of waiting to pee, and then some urine trickled out, only drops of it.

I then decided to help it out a little and applied some pressure to what I was doing. I tried to push the urine out in other words. Let’s just say it was a rather bad move on my part.

The drops suddenly increased in amount and when I thought everything was doing great, I felt it. I felt something coming out of my genital with my urine and it was taking its sweet time coming out. I again tried to push it along but I didn’t feel it move. It was stuck in there and everything I did caused excruciating pain that I unknowingly screamed out loud enough to wake up my wife, who hurriedly went to the bathroom to see what was going on.

She found me with both my arms holding the bathroom walls and sweating very hard. I didn’t understand what she was saying to me and didn’t know if I answered her or something, all I know is that the pain was very intense that I’m really short of crying at that moment. What do kidney stones feel like, the experts at put it in words better than I can.  Well it’s really close to like peeing razor blades, if it is at all possible and stuff.

A few moments passed and I tried to push again, same result, another push, only pain. I was about to try a fourth time when my wife came back with a large glass of water which she instructed me to drink. I did. She told me to wait a while for the water to find its way into my bladder and then try to pee again. I meekly did what I was told as I was in no shape to do anything at all. I waited three minutes and then I tried again.

I didn’t know what came out but that “plink” sound on the receptacle was really music to my ears. I can’t explain what I felt but I was so relieved that I hugged my wife for a long time. I really do not want to ever experience that pain again if I could.

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