Hi there! My name is Jim Josie. I currently reside in Kent Washington. My family of four consists of my wife of 10 years and two happy and healthy 3 and 5 year old boys. I am all about family and they always come first. By day, I am a stay at home dad taking care of my boys from feeding and grocery shopping. By night, I am a professional dirt track racer. I fell in love with the sport when I was a teenager. One of my high school friends took me to go see a dirt track racing one evening and I fell in love with the sport! Even though I do not do professional dirt track racing 24 hours a day, I still love to teach the kids in our community all about dirt track racing. I always set up weekend neighborhood events for anyone that in interested in the sport. I also help coordinate and plan with our local soap box racing. I am a man who is interested in all racing related stuff. Feel free to attend any one of my events and I would love to show you what dirt track racing is all about!!! You’ll be glad that you did, I can promise you that. Racing is my life and passion and I would love to share it with everyone that have a slight interest in it.