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Tree House or Not

I have been meaning to build a little tree house for my kids these past couple of months, but circumstances has prevented me from doing so. My wife is also not agreeable to my plans saying that the tree house might pose a greater risk to the children than good, and that there were better things to do around the house instead of building a supposedly dangerous tree house.

Well I have wanted to build that tree house in our yard for the longest time. I am very sure that the kids will enjoy it as I also have my very own tree house that was built by my father, when I was young, and boy was it a blast. I used to spend countless hours in it playing by myself or with my buddies. It was on a high enough tree with a rope ladder installed for easy access.

It looked really scary when you are inside of it looking down, probably more so when you are at the bottom of it and looking up. Thankfully, there were no accidents that happened during my time there until it was tragically destroyed by a strong storm that passed our area. But make no mistake about it that tree house was sturdy and durable enough to wither the storm, and it was the tree that got knocked out and fell, unfortunately along with the tree house that was on it.

My father built it with my grandfather, and also me as a helper of some sort. I was in charge of handing them the tools and other things that I can handle, and refreshment too, I suppose. We got wood from the other trees in the yard and the wood used for flooring and supports, we bought from the hardware.

It took them two weeks, a finger sprain from my dad, and fifty plus dollars to build. It would have been much faster they said, if only my grandpa’s arthritis in fingers weren’t acting up regularly. But boy was I the happiest kid in the world back then.

I would have liked my kids to experience that same happiness I got back then and that is the only reason that I am building it today. I hope that my wife eventually comes around to liking my idea of it and allow me to build it. If not, then I will continue badgering her with it until she comes to.

I am relatively good with my hands in building things and I know she knows that. Maybe I will have to write down a plan on how to go about building that tree house and show it to her. Maybe she’ll agree if she finds out how strong I am going to build it and all the safety stuffs that I will put in.

It’s also not a very high tree that we’re talking about here at only five feet tops. It’s more like a playground slide height than a tree house so I know she will agree to me eventually. I hope.