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Taxing Exercise Routine

My wife recently complained of pain in her shoulders after a particularly intense day of exercising with her buddies at the local gym. They were trying out a brand new exercise program that they found out about in the internet and they enthusiastically jumped right into it never expecting it would be hard or anything. Unfortunately they were mistaken.

It was some kind of circuit training wherein they have to do several exercises one after the other with minimal resting time in between. I’m not much into exercise myself but just hearing her describe what they went through made me wince. It was very hard what they did and I thought she was lucky only her shoulders were aching.

I asked her if there was pain between shoulder blades or a particular pain in left shoulder to which she answered both in the negative. I was somewhat relieved to find out that her pain was in the muscles of her deltoids, particularly on the area between her shoulders and her neck. I was kind of sure of the place as she screamed when I poked her there.

They were doing military presses, lateral raises, and reverse flies all in one sitting, and with three sets of descending reps each to boot yay. I asked if they were planning on joining the marines or something as the way they did those exercises can be called torture in some places. She just waved me off.

Pains in the shoulders are no random things as they occur due to something going wrong. They do not just pop up and give you pain as others would like to believe instead they are a symptoms of something. My wife’s pains on her shoulders are because of extreme exercise, which is kind of a good thing if compared to other causes of shoulder pain.

Other causes of shoulder pain we should be aware of and must take into consideration are disc diseases, shingles, arthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, heart conditions, and lung cancers to name a few. That escalated quite a bit didn’t it. I bet you got a little scared hearing those things and probably you would not take for granted your shoulders hurting anymore.

Well, it could probably be just muscle strain as that is the most common cause of shoulder pain. But if the pain does not go away with some days rest and probably some pain relievers, then it’s time you go see your doctor for some much needed guidance and to somehow calm your already worried mind.

Anyhow, my wife told me she would never repeat what she did today. I’m taking it with a grain of salt as she is very prone to new exercise fads and if it is not this one, then others may come and she will repeat the whole torture process all over again, maybe next time her knees would hurt instead of her shoulders. I better go up to her with some ice packs as she really needs them right now, a well-timed back rub wouldn’t hurt either.

Lost in Thought

Waves of nostalgia are hitting me right now and I can’t think of anything but them. I am very close to my fortieth birthday and I guess these things can’t really be avoided, even if we wanted to. Is this what they call mid-life crisis? I hope so, else I am depressed, and we don’t want that happening, do we?

Well I don’t know how it happened really, it’s like it just came to be suddenly. No warning signs or anything to that effect, no fever or shaking, and certainly no marching bands to announce its coming. I just woke up the other day and felt lousy, that’s it.

I had a hard time getting up from bed but I did not sleep at all. I was just in my bed, eyes closed, and thinking about things which were non-existent, like I wasn’t even there at all. Have you ever experienced thinking about something but not really succeeding in doing so? And you are there sort of paralyzed and trying hard to get cognizant of what it is that you were trying to do. Well I did and it was a really weird feeling, and nothing that I had experienced before.

I kept thinking about the children and how fast they have already grown up. I remember my wife and me planning to have babies back then and thinking about the future. Now we have two very healthy boys that were soon to be teenagers, how very fast time flies apparently, and it somehow gets to you.

Once we were having trouble with constipation in newborns, and another time we were very perplexed with the goings on about newborn growth spurts, and then all of a sudden, just like that, puberty comes along. Now where the hell did all that time between those ages go? Are we living in fast forward world or something? Everything it seems is going full matrix on me, and I can’t do anything about it.

I also kept coming back to some of the decisions I have made through the course of my still young life, thinking about each one of them and trying mightily hard to evaluate if I have done the right things or not. Or if what would happen if I did not make those same decisions, would life be the same it is today? Probably not I suppose.

Everything always boils down to the question of did I made anything of myself for all those years living on this Earth. All the choices, all the trials I have been through, all the mistakes I have made, everything that I did, I thought about. There were many what if’s that kept bothering me, what if this and what if that, and it’s a little bit disconcerting having to go through all that.

I really don’t know what to focus on these days and it is leaving me feeling a little bit helpless. I hope this will not affect our family in any way, as they are the most important things in my life. I only hope this thing will end soon.