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Never a Bad Hair Day

We men really don’t think of our hair as something really important. I don’t know about you, but after I comb my hair after a nice bath, its tomorrow again after another bath when my comb and I will meet. Well I really don’t see any point obsessing over it, not unless you are already getting bald or something, then I might think it deserves some looking into.

For me, every day is a good hair day and bad hair days really never exist, windy days are a bonus for my hair as they get somewhat properly ventilated and stuff. Maybe it’s because I got short cropped hair. Yep, maybe that’s the reason why I’m so nonchalant with my hair. You would be too if you were in my situation.

Maybe another reason for it is that I don’t really care about appearances anymore. When I got married and got the girl of my dreams, looking good took a back seat in favor of practical things. Things like caring and helping replaced grooming and vanity among other things. I really thought there are many better things to do than looking good.

It doesn’t get any better now that I got kids as I tend to put all of myself for them and them alone. The word “me” is close to getting obliterated and I’m happy about it. My time is over and it’s their time now, so in everything I do, I do for them, doesn’t really matter if hair be gone or something.

So my recent inconvenience with scabs on scalp are just that, minor inconveniences, as it even took my wife to notice them for me to know of their existence. I just thought my head was particularly itchier these couple of days which I eventually just attributed to the windiness of the weather in our place. So that’s what was probably causing the itchiness in the first place.

My wife, ever the loving person that she is and upon seeing my situation, recommended several dry scalp remedies to somewhat help me with my predicament. She suggested on putting tea tree oil on my scalp to help with its dryness, and if that didn’t work, she said that we’ll try lemon and honey next.

I kind of laugh at the ideas that she said but she seemed adamant on making my head a salad bowl of some sort. It didn’t stop there as she also enumerated several more things lined up if ever the first ones didn’t work out. Things like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda, olive oil, aloe Vera, sesame oil, and a host of other different things I have already forgotten about.

I know I will try those things that she has said as I value her suggestions really well. She kind of knows about these things and had done well in the past with them. But above all, I will try them because I love her and I don’t want to disappoint her in any way.