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Too Much Sun is Not Fun

Being on the track for long durations of time really does have their consequences. I found out about that yesterday after a particularly long, albeit very fun, riding session with some of the kids in neighborhood at the local dirt track. I was supposed to teach them the ins and outs of dirt track racing but seeing that they already know their basics with regards to driving a bike, we instead opted for some hands on training with it.

The kids had a blast riding the training bikes that I had prepared. Although there were only two of the machines available, they happily made do with them and took turns riding the available motorcycles. Of course I had to be always on the grounds to assist them as they are not yet thoroughly acquainted with these beautiful machinery.

I had to call for a break two hours into their fun as I was feeling a little bit hot. I was literally burning as I only had a shirt on because I had to remove my overalls due to the heat. I kind of felt a little bit dizzy and my sight was dimming so I really had to call for that break else I would collapse in front of them.

I tried to wipe away the sweat from my body but when I came to my shoulders I was somewhat stopped on my tracks. I felt pain when there was supposed to be none and it felt as if the towel I was using was made up of sandpaper or something similarly grating. It appears that in such a short time, I managed to get myself sunburned.

It kind of looked like second degree sunburn, like the one describe by experts at, but it really felt like several degrees more potent. It looked red then but I know it will chafe once it gets settled. I also know that I’m going to have trouble wearing clothes for a couple of days after this and that it would probably be an itchy affair. I probably will be hearing from my wife about this and that again.

But it’s okay I guess, it’s just a minor setback compared to what the kids got from riding the bikes. You could say that the experience they had acquired could be very helpful to them sometime in the near future and I only hope that I got through to them in a good way.

It’s also not the first time I got sunburned and a couple of times I had much worse sunburn than what I had now. Vinegar for sunburn will take care of it pretty well as it is my go to cure when this kind of thing happens. It’s kind of funny really as we all know that vinegar is an acid, but when you apply it to sunburn, it cools the skin instead of burning it further like many acids are wont to do. Vinegar also heals the sunburn much more quickly than other remedies and it is very convenient and easy to use.

The kids did get back to riding and I just stayed under the shade lest I worsen my condition further. It was also very fortunate that the day was already waning and the sun has lost some of its bite. We stayed there for another three hours and the kids had the time of their lives.