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Pimple Resurgence

Oh my, what do we have here? I think I’m too old for these things but here they are, making themselves felt. I thought I was already through with these things. Did they forget something and decided to come back and pester me once again? It does not help any, what with my nearing speaking engagement at the local school about, of all things, coping with typical teenage problems through sports. What perfect timing!

The other day was particularly hectic as I was doing things various things around the house. I managed to finally fix the leaking faucet in the yard, which would definitely make my wife very happy when she sees it. I also fixed the severely corroded downspout on the roof which is already full of holes. Mow the lawn, replaced busted light fixtures, and bathed the dog, I was drenched in sweat and thoroughly exhausted that I fell asleep immediately after laying my back on the lawn chair. Taken a bath after profusely sweating was what I should’ve done.

Upon waking up yesterday, I kind of felt something painful when I combed my hair after a bath. Upon closer inspection, the thing that was causing the pain was a red bump, sort of a pimple, maybe even scalp acne to be exact, and I didn’t knew what to do with it. Consulting with my wife about it just elicited a laugh and several lines of teasing that I walked away mumbling to myself. So that’s what I get for all the things I’ve done the other day. I totally forgot about the pimple that time, but unfortunately I was going to be in for a bigger surprise later that day.

Coming home after a day at the shop, my wife apologetically hugged me and told me she was sorry about what had happened that morning. But as I was about to speak, she laughed that silly laugh of her while pointing at something in my face. It was another pimple, this time on my face. So that’s why I was feeling something painful on my face all day, thought it was an insect bite or something.

It was a reddish bump on the left cheek close to the nose. It aches a lot when you touch it, more so when you laugh or do something with your face that seems to stretch at it. Nodular acne is a common term for it and is sort of like your typical garden variety pimple but a totally much angrier one at that. I haven’t had pimples for a long time so what gives? Maybe it’s all that dirt and grime from the other day’s work, coupled with drenching sweat. That combination surely makes a case for clogged pores.

Good thing it wasn’t on my nose or I’ll be Rudolph lol. Better get some toothpaste on it soon to dry it up and hopefully it will be gone. I’ll just steel myself from my wife as she’ll never stop talking about it, she’ll get her comeuppance soon enough.