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My Kind of Relaxation

I enjoy watching television. In fact it’s kind of my way of relaxing after a very tiresome day. I go home, eat supper, do some chores that are in need of doing and then off to the tube I go. Watching different kinds of people doing different kinds of things, movies, reality shows, news, weather, cooking shows, I enjoy watching them all as it makes me somewhat tranquil inside. I almost always fall asleep midway through my watching and my wife have to wake me up to go to bed, this time properly.

Of course it’s not just those things I do when I come home. There’s keeping tab of everyone in the house, from my lovely wife to my ever crazy sons who never seems to empty their proverbial bag of tricks. It’s not that I’m complaining or something, in fact I love them just the way they are, even if they do make life very interesting from time to time. I also check on the house if something is amiss or is in need of repairing, and also visit the pets to bond with them some and check on their well-being. But after everything else is finished, I always make sure to visit my friend Sony for some relaxing time.

I like the shows about nature and animals as they introduce me to many things I still don’t know about and probably never will if not for them. How really beautiful the earth is and how diverse it’s population, that it would take more than a hundred years of watching television just to get to know some of them. I particularly like shows about the oceans and the seas and how it makes for about three-fourths of the Earth, yet we really don’t know much about them. The ecology inside these bodies of water and how they came to be, the history and future of it, and the myriads of creatures contained inside it never ceases to amaze me.

There is this one show called River Monsters that I always watch which is about weird kinds of fishes that still live to this day. From the rare Goblin sharks, crocodiles that are more than twenty feet long to the catfishes that are as large, if not larger than a full grown man, which they managed to catch by using their own arms as some sort of catfish bait, which also got me looking at our aquarium and several tiny Cory catfishes darting around its bottom. I caught a laugh when I imagine them growing to that size and swallowing me whole. That would be the day, I thought to myself.

It’s also been a long time since I’ve gone fishing. Maybe one day I’ll get to do again, what I now only watch on television. Maybe I’ll bring my sons with me and teach them a thing or two about fishing and hopefully they’ll learn something from it. Who knows, maybe they’ll get a liking to it and we’ll make it a regular thing. Now that would be the day.