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Getting Even with Bunions

I knew it, Karma really comes fast and at a time you least expect it. My wife probably knows about it too as she was the unfortunate soul who is the beneficiary of this cosmic phenomena hehe. You see she was thoughtfully riding my back with regards to my painfully large pimple on my face and she kept at it, that is, up until today when the strangest thing happened to her.

Coming home from the grocery, she complained about the fact that her feet were killing her. She said that she ought to buy new shoes already as her current one is getting kind of a bit tight. When she removed them, what greeted her was a mad swelling on the side of her foot just below where her pinky toe was located. It was already painful just by looking at it, no wonder she was close to tears when I came close to her and hold it.

She said that it was some sort of a bunion but I believe bunions grow on the other side of the feet right, the side where the big toe is, so it probably isn’t one, I told her. Of course I was kidding as I was secretly planning of scaring her a little bit, to somehow get back at her for making fun of me and my pimple. But if it looks like a bunion and hurts like a bunion, then it probably is one. But I’m not telling her that just yet.

What she really had was a tailors bunion, a kind of bunion that grows on the opposite side of the foot where it usually is expected to occur. It develops like a common bunion wherein the bones of the edge toe moves closer to the toe next to it, usually because of inherent weakness of the bones of the feet or maybe also because of hereditary factors. What causes bunions to worsen is the wearing of improper footwear, as was the case with my wife.

Typical bunion relief involves placing ice on the area and the taking of pain relievers. Both of which I am now planning to do to somehow relieve her suffering as I can’t really bear to see her like this. Love trumps getting even unfortunately. Long term relief for bunions on the other hand requires several things, primary of which is to control the further inward motion of the offending bone, as well as getting rid of things that worsens it.

Bunion patches placed on the swelling also helps with pain relief but it is the changing of the footwear that is the most important first step in dealing with bunions. I got to discuss these things with my wife while her problems are not yet that major and still reversible. I really will get on her good side because of this. Who knows, maybe she’ll eventually stop her teasing ways with me. But even if she doesn’t I’ll still will do it. Want to know why?