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Feline Friend Missing in Action

Every night for about two weeks last month I bring out a paper plate filled with scraps of food outside and I place it near a tree that is near my bedroom window. And almost every time I do it, a cat emerges from the darkness and walks toward the plate carefully, looking every which way, probably checking if there was anybody around or something. She first smells the thing in front of her and upon realizing it was food, she began to eat.

After finishing almost all the food, leaving only the random vegetable or unfamiliar fruit, she begins to lick herself, first her paws then her back. A passing car signals her that it’s time to go and hurriedly she scampers away, back to the darkness from which she came, never to be seen again, that is, until the next time she eats under the tree. That’s the time I go back out, to throw away the almost empty paper plate into the garbage bin and go back inside to resume whatever it was that I am doing.

It first started when I saw him through our kitchen window, loitering around our yard one night, sniffing everything as if looking for something, probably food I though, so I just let him do his thing and continued doing the dishes. When it happened again and again on successive nights I began to worry for the cat so I decided to feed it. But the times I tried to call him he always runs away, so I thought of just leaving the food somewhere outside. He can smell it, I mused, so there’s really no problem with him finding it, and he did eventually, and that was the start of our somewhat weird friendship, I bring out food and he comes.

The problem is I don’t see him around anymore. It’s been about a week since he last ate under the tree and it got me a little bit worried and stuff. Maybe he managed to get hit by a car or got beaten by a dog or something. The stray that he is, probably his health is not that good anymore and it somehow eventually caught up with him. Roundworms in cats are very common that even housecats are not immune to them, what more if you are a stray. If he has roundworms, then it’s not very long for him I’m afraid, as an infestation of them, when not properly treated, almost always leads to death.

Another thing he has to worry about, not that he does or something is pancreatitis in cats. This kind of sickness in cats is their most common one that most of the natural premature feline deaths have it for their cause. It is often hard to treat because it’s very difficult to diagnose if a cat has it, most usually it is only during autopsy that it is detected.

But I have to stop thinking about these things and just stay positive for him. Maybe he’s just found another friend who feed him better kinds of food or something. I’ll just continue doing our routine, maybe for a few days more and just hope for the best.


Dirt track racing has been a part of my life ever since I was a kid. I remember watching cartoons that features motorcycle riding men as heroes and I developed a liking for them and how fast they go through the villains of the show. My dad, seeing my interest in motorcycles, bought me a bicycle instead and said to me that it was just for practice, since I was still very young for motorcycles and could not still handle one yet.

I loved that bicycle of mine and I always used to imagine that it was already a motorcycle and I go very fast with it, also doing jumps on every bump on the road I managed to encounter on my daily ride, thinking of it as mini slalom jumps on my imaginary racetrack. I enjoyed having a bike and was extremely happy riding something that goes fast.

What it did to my mom was entirely another story worth mentioning as she worried about my bike and particularly of me when I’m out. She said she felt anxiety chest pains every time I go out with my bike as thoughts of me in an accident keeps running through her mind. My dad said that she is blowing it out of proportion and that she mustn’t worry too much about it because I would be just okay. But mom wasn’t convinced at all.

I guess mothers naturally are like that about their children. If only they could be with their children all the time and help in whatever way, they really would do so in a moment’s notice. But dad apparently has other ideas of his own. For him, as I was a boy, I need to learn things on my own to make me stronger. I needed to be able to do things that challenge me or take some risks of my own, to develop in me skills that I will need later in life. I seem to understand now where they were both coming from but back then, I was just happy with my bike and stuff.

Mom used to take supplements for anxiety such as Passion Flower and Kava both of which are kinds of plants. Sometimes she takes Echinea and also almost the full alphabet of vitamins such Vitamins B, C and E amongst other things. She doesn’t take prescription medicines for her anxiety as she believes that they may even add to it, and she also believes that she may even get addicted to them. Good thing she learned about meditation eventually, but still she gets nervous and anxious when I try new things, which unfortunately were not quite a few back then.

Today it’s my wife’s turn being a mom to our kids. I could see the similarities between her and my mom with regards to the way she sees our kids. She doesn’t want our kids to ever experience harm in any way as long as she is there. But our kids, being both boys, tend to do otherwise and seem to always find ways to make their mom hyper, so good luck with that. Boys will always be boys it seems.