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New Day, New Things to Learn

It is always a joy imparting my knowledge about racing, and machines in general, to these kids. Seeing their eyes light up when we start to talk about the different parts of an engine, how they really work and other cool stuff, really makes me happy and validated for all the time I spend teaching them. It is also nice to be among people who have the same interests in machines as I do and it really is worth my while teaching them about these things.

Today was no different. In fact it was both fun and educational for me at the shop as I again learned something new from these kids. I was supposed to be instructing them in building a soapbox car that we will use in a practice race next week, but it seems that I am the one who was learning this time. And of all the things to learn from them, I didn’t expect it to be about human relationships.

Have you ever heard about infj relationships? How about infp relationships, does it ring a bell? I first thought they were speaking in codes or something because it is really the first time I have ever encountered these things. I guess relationships do have more to them than was previously experienced. Naturally I got very curious about it and asked them what they really meant. Well you could say I felt very old after our conversation.

They told me that infj stands for introverted intuitive feeling judging, while infp is introverted intuitive feeling perceiving, and they are abbreviations used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test to refer to sixteen different types of personality. They clearly knew what they were talking about as they continued to expound on the topic at hand. One boy added that infj persons usually are like counselors, wherein they find meaning in relationships with the aim of better understanding of it and also for the benefit of all those involved, while Infp persons are considered as healers, mainly by being openly accepting and flexible to those around them if it is in line with their inherent values.

Oh, so that was what they meant with those things, I said to them, trying my utmost best not to look lost and stuff. But I guess they saw through me and they just laughed. They said it was okay that I don’t know what they were talking about. In fact they said it was their assignment in school and they too only knew about those things this afternoon in the library. We just laughed again and continued building our soapbox after that, you can safely say that infj and infp were no longer mentioned that day.

After our session and after everyone got to go home, I was left alone by myself thinking about what had transpired that day. I came to the realization that even though I fancy myself on knowing so much, there still were a lot more things that I do not know of. Lucky I surround myself with different sorts of people all the time, as it makes learning new things more quick and more meaningful.