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Why do I taste Metal in my Mouth?

I was confused with the feeling I got after eating cake this afternoon. It was the birthday of one of my students and he thankfully, as promised, did bring cake to the shop, much to the delight of all of us there. I know cakes are supposed to be sweet and stuff but what I tasted after eating it made me wonder.
About a minute after eating a piece of the cake, I somewhat tasted something peculiar, something odd, what was supposed to be a sweet taste in mouth turned out to be like some kind of a metal taste in mouth or something to that effect. I checked if there was some debris that I somehow managed to eat, and I even inspected if all my tooth fillings were intact as I really did have the taste of something metallic. I didn’t find any and everything looked to be normal inside my mouth, so that got me a little worried.
When I did get back home, I researched a little on the internet about what I experienced earlier, and to my shock, although there were several tame causes attributed to it, there were also some grave diagnosis to those who experience such things. Dysgeusia was the term they use for it, a state of altered taste wherein after you had eaten, leaves an after taste like you had eaten nuts and bolts instead of the taste of the food that you had just consumed. It is said that what often causes it is the hormonal changes that a woman experiences when she is pregnant, so if you are not particularly pregnant, or a woman for that matter, then you might be in trouble.
Other relative causes of it are several kinds of deficiencies in the human body, foremost of which are vitamins and minerals like vitamin b12 and zinc, and can also be caused by unhealthy habits such as smoking and nail biting. Persons who suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis regularly are known to complain about it and people who have been bleeding somewhere in the general vicinity of the head, also experiences it mainly because when blood breaks down, iron is always released, and that is what usually causes the metal taste.
Some other weirder stuff like Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, more commonly known as Trench Mouth Syndrome, has Dysgeusia as a symptom , same with Crohn’s Disease, Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak, Aseptic Meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cervical Spondylitis, Lyme Disease,  and Lupus to name a few, also includes it in their list of indicators.
I probably should not have done my research on it and treated it like the random thing that it usually is. Now I’m having anxiety attacks over it and I probably would also lose some sleep later because of it. Anyways, to ease my worries about it, I think I would just have to set an appointment later with our family doctor to have it checked out. Jeez, I’m too young for this. I hope it’s nothing serious.