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Bad Back, Dogs and Bananas on a Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and here I am at home, alone with my two dogs, as I was left in charge of them because my wife had to go to a gathering with her friends. The children also went with their mom and I was supposed to go with them, but I had to beg off as I was too tired last night.

Last night was a blast to put it mildly. The soap car that we built from scratch, entered the local monthly race for beginners and we managed to snare second place in the event, even if our contraption virtually disintegrated near the end of the race, and it was only with sheer luck that pushed it past the finish line.

Along with us celebrating the second place finish, we also had to clean the race track off, as it was we who caused all the debris that was scattered around the field in the first place. You could say it was a very exhausting night for all of us in the team but it was really worth it.

So here I am with my back still hurting from all the activity from the previous night, trying to find something to eat as my wife just told me to not worry about them as they probably will just eat out, and just try to fix something up for myself. So I did what I always do when faced with this kind of a situation, I made myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It is my comfort food sort of, I don’t know but since I was little, it was my favorite, heck I can even go a full day eating just that.

While I was making my sandwich, I noticed our two dogs looking from behind. Maybe they were hungry or something, or maybe they got a whiff of my masterpiece sandwich and decided they want to have a shot at it. I was about to give them a taste of my exquisite cuisine when something stopped me. Can dogs eat bananas?

I can’t remember the last time they ate anything else but hypoallergenic dog food. You see we had to switch to the less allergenic ones because one of my dogs is particularly allergic to meaty protein. I didn’t believe it too the first time we went to the vet, and being told that the cause of the rashes and the excessive shedding of one of our dogs was the food he was eating. Typical of these mix breed dogs being less hardy than their pure breed relatives, they always seem to attract different kinds of otherwise uncommon diseases. So do I let them eat the banana?

A quick search on the internet provided me the sort of answer I needed. Yes they can eat bananas. In fact, bananas being rich in potassium, vitamin b6, fiber, manganese and other healthy things, is also good for them. So I gave them a half sandwich each and they proceeded to eat, just the bread with the peanut butter and left the bananas intact. So much fuss about them eating bananas and then this happens. Yep bananas are good for them, but the question must be, do they really want to eat it?