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Getting Started in Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike riding is an adventure sport that has gained in popularity for many years now. This kind of riding style falls into two major categories, namely, trail riding and motocross track riding. But whichever category you want to try, it is important to note that although riding a dirt bike does not require a license, it does not give you a license to just hop on your bike and try it. You have to train to do it to minimize accidents and increase your safety.

To get started with dirt bike racing, there are different bike riding courses you could take depending on your location. The most widely known course is the Dirt Bike School (DBS) by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). This course is offered in most states. They have training facilities where you could simply show up and learn to ride. They provide the dirt bike for training as well as safety gears such as helmet and other equipment. During training, an instructor will teach you the basic mechanics of dirt bike riding and racing. Basic lessons include starting a bike, clutching and braking, and basic turning and operation. As you advance in your training, you will be taught how to ride over different kinds of obstacles as well as how to ride down or up dirt hills.

If MSF course is not available in your place, similar courses may be offered by other organizations nearby. Don’t skimp on taking any of these courses before getting involved in dirt bike racing because it is the smartest and safest way to practice your skill in this sport.

Once you have undergone a training course, you are now ready for dirk bike racing. But there are several things you need to have to get started. Among the basic gears and equipment you need to have are:

  • Dirt bike
  • Gas can
  • Helmet
  • Riding pants
  • Motocross boots
  • Protective gears such as goggles, gloves, knee guards, chest protectors and others
  • gloves

When you already have the complete equipment for dirt riding, the next step is to find a place to practice riding. There may be motocross tracks in your area where you could practice. Motocross tracks are a good place to practice for beginners. However, be prepared to pay an average of $15 a day. They say that practice makes perfect. The same applies to dirt bike riding. Before you participate in a competitive race, it is best to first practice your riding skills. It is important that during practice, you are able to master how to use acceleration and braking. Most beginners are prone to accidents because of the improper use of these two critical elements. For instance, if you are on a bumpy trail, you may not simply apply your brakes because you are at risk of skidding. There are many other techniques that you should learn first before really participating in a race.

Finally, when you feel you are ready, you may sign up to be a participant in a racing event. Be sure to wear your complete gear and remember to apply what you learned in your practice sessions.